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Competition in the music industry is fierce: many artists want to break into music and make a living from their passion. Many times people listen to what others are listening to. Our platform helps to improve your plays and popularity!

Increase Your Popularity

The world of music relies on numbers. Whether it is labels, producers or the media, they all seek to collaborate with artists who panic the views and streaming counters. Buying our products allows you to get noticed and stand out from the competition.

Get Royalties Income

As an artist, you earn incomes from your listenings. All the plays that we deliver entitle you to income, the famous royalties. In addition to boosting your popularity, you will increase your income generated through streaming. Win-win.

Reliable Partners

Our promotion is run with reliable partners's websites, blogs, social networks and playlists. 100% organic plays and views!

Legit Marketing Tools

As an partner of Google and more, we also use legit promotion tools from Youtube or Spotify to promote your video or songs with insight ads.

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If you have any needs just contact one of our operator with our contact form or our live chat system!


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Design better, faster, and more collaboratively with real-time, in-browser design collaboration and presentation tools.

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Create context around your projects with flexible spaces to store, share, and talk about design ideas. Built-in layout options allow you to create visual hierarchy for your ideas. It’s simple, fast and easy to use. You can share your files through our mobile apps.

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Your team is most productive when your entire design workflow is in one place. Our integrations automatically push and pull activity from your favorite systems.

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